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Giorgio Armani Code is a classic men's fragrance. It first appeared as Black Code in 2004 and was re-released in 2005 as Armani. It was developed by Antoine Lie, Antoine Maisondieu and Clement Gavarry. It was awarded the Fragrance of the Year Men's Luxe FiFi Award. Since its first release, the Armani Code Pour Homme Code has become a staple of many men's collections. Recently, the company has introduced both signature and women's versions.





The Armani Code aftershave lotion has distinctive fragrance that's both fresh and enticing. The top notes are olive and lemon flowers, with the base of tonka beans and guaiacumwood. The cream-like lotion hydrates and soothes the skin after shaving, helping to reduce razor burn and Armani Code Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray 200ml prolong the fresh feeling. This modern men's fragrance is ideal for the modern man and armani code pour homme is suitable for day-to-day wear.





Armani Code is a scent that is inspired by dates. It has a citrus-based head and a sweet, gourmand tobacco heart. It has a conventional fragrance structure, and you'll need to apply the aftershave several times throughout the day to keep its freshness. If you're looking for a sensual, warm scent, or are looking to sexy or masculine cologne there's an Armani Code aftershave for you.





While the Armani Code is a great option for men who want an intense scent, its aging appeal might not be for everyone. The fragrance's citrus and melonky head make an enjoyable change from the sharpness of the scent. However, its sexier side means that it's more appropriate for evening wear and armani code sale for wearing during the daytime. Winter is also a great time to wear the heart aphrodisiac.





The Armani Code aftershave is a classic fragrance for men. It comes in royal blue and is an emblem of the famous brand. This men's fragrance is masculine yet still cool and casual, and will last all day. This is the perfect scent for the winter evening. Man can apply it to his elbows, wrists and behind his ears to enhance its scent and feel more confident.





Armani Code aftershave is full of citrus and spicy notes. It is composed of a blend of woods, spices, and citrus notes. The scent of Armani Code has a modern urban and contemporary feel. It's clean and fresh and has a pleasant smell that makes you feel good. This aftershave is appropriate for Armani Code Pour Homme both men and women. In the winter months it is recommended for males.





Armani Code aftershave has a modern and classic scent. The brand's Absolu scent is especially captivating and comes in a stylish bottle. The Armani code Colonia scent is an everyday scent that has an oriental woody base. This scent is perfect for those who prefer a more subtle scent. The tonka and lavender base notes make it an elegant fragrance. The Armani Code is suitable for both males (and women) just like the brand's tuxedos.





The Armani Code aftershave has a gourmand and citrusy scent that is easy to wear. The middle is dominant by leather and tobacco accords, creating an elegant, but not overwhelming, fragrance. The scent does not linger on the skin for very long therefore it's not suitable for everyday use. The original Armani Code is the most well-known. Absolu is the brand's signature aftershave.





The fragrance of Armani Code aftershave is a citrus-based scent. The top notes include olive blossom and lemon and the middle contains tobacco and leather accords. This men's scent is best worn in winter , as it can make you feel confident. The scent is composed of woods, fruit, and aromatics. The aftershave armani Code is composed of a mix of amber, cedarwood sandalwood and cedarwood.





The Armani Code aftershave is not just a traditional men's scent. Its sexy fragrance is reminiscent of the Armani aristocrate. The fragrance smells like lemon and bergamot, with a hint of Gaiac wood. The smoky tones of the perfume create tension between Tonka bean and lavandin grosso.


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